Legg gjerne igjen en hilsen og skriv hva du synes om bildene, og om du har noen forslag til andre motiver. Hvis det er et bilde du virkelig liker, legg inn navnet på bildet, og i hvilken kategori du fant det.

Please leave a comment on what you may have thought of my work and any suggestions you might want to share for others to read . If there is any picture you truly love please let us all know by giving the name of the photo and witch section it is in.

I like your work

I have to say thank you for all the good pictures you took in May..

Keep up the good work and you do a great job !
Elisabeth Sigvartsen

Very good! :D

love your pictures man!
really good..keep up the good work ;)

your work are realy good:)


i just want to say are good. you have a lot of good pic.....
lena hylander


Really nice pictures:) I`m impressed! Maybe I`ll hire you to take photos in my wedding next year!:)


Hope that you can come to north Norway and take some pictures of my daughter. Think your work is amazing
Hanne Berg


I love your pic.
You are very good. Looks like people relaxe with you.
Have you think about taken a pic of your own face where the rest of your face is unclear but your beauteful eyes get all the focus? Just an idea...Your eyes is so lovly.

Your work is breathtaking!!

hii, i simply loooove you work!!! the nature pics are soo beautiful done.. just make me dreaming of the places you have been..!!! they simpy are breathtaking!

I really like the portraits you do of "ordinary" people too.. You made them beautiful and special, and you really see that you dont have to be a model to look beautiful...

You are really talented and you must be proud of your work!!:))))) IMPRESSED!!!
Beata Bogdanowicz

Just visiting

Love your pictures!!!

Great pics!

?`m really proud that you have give me the possibility to have so much fun with you, and all the crazy stuff we have done. Guess it will be more ;) A lot of great pics!
Gro Haga


You've come a long way from the little skinny kid I used to coach. You've really accomplished a lot and I'm proud to know you.

Coach Jones
John Jones

Great work! :)

Hi, I found your page on Nettby and I checked out your photos here. I wanted to tell you that you're an extremely good photographer, keep up the good work :)

Take care.


You take such beautiful photos. Keep up the good work. :)


you are good:))
carina j?rgensen


Hey Miguel!!
thank you so much for a fun day in studio. The pictures were amazing, and if I had to choose I would pick you over Fame any day!! WOW!
Elisabeth Stensrud


I love your photos !!!
they are good :)
Gro Kristin R?rbakk Hamre


Love your pictures man! You are a great photographer :)
Adoon @

like i promised dani from tagged

be proud of your work. You've got nice pictures. love dani


u got some skills mate:)
i'll spread the word;)
Mats Jakobsen


Love your kiddy pics and your fashion pics.


Kjempeartig ? ta bilder med deg - og resultatet blir supert! Anbefaler deg til alle som vil ha bilder fra ulike anledninger!!! Great fun having a photoshoot with you - and the result is great! I recommend you to everyone that want their pictures taken for different occasions!!!


A lots of really good pics =)
Annika Blaabjerg

Hey Miguel =)

I just love youre work.You are really good at what you do =) Maby when my little miracle comes,i will contact you for some baby pictures =)
Renate Amalie


love your photos Miguel. You have a good eye for details, look forward to have you taking my picture.


Hey miguell:)
I must say you are good taking pictures. Love your work.

Nice work!

my oh my- what an inspiration:)
Full of emotions and real people!:) Wonderful

M?tte bare se arbeidet ditt:-))

You are good:-)))