Price list in english

Price list in english

Here are my different rates for each catagory

For each different request has a different price so please contact me by e mail with a description of what it is you would like for me to do via portraits, wedding, events parties....etc.. with full details of the date how many people and any information you think i would need and i will send you the list according.

I do allow people to pay in payments or payment plans as well so please feel free to ask about it.

Single person Portraits and kids

the going rate for a portrait or modeling shoot with me is 1000 to 3000kr click here for prices

Couples, friends and siblings portraits

A package where 2 people will do the shoot together as well as doing some indivisual shots click here for prices

Family portraits package

A shoot for a family of 3 or more people click here for prices

Parties and Events

I have 2 different options you can choose from for me to capture your special events click here for prices

Photo Journilsm

I can be sent out on assighnments to cover a story and capture what is asked for click here for prices


I can be eiher hired to capture a sports event or you can purchase pictures that i have taken at the event click here for prices

Stock Photos

I have lots of images that you can buy for your advertisements reasons click here for prices

Buying Print Art

I have pictures that you able to buy prints to. If you browsw threw the Nature, Cities, Landscapes - Natur, byer, land gallery or the fine arts gallery you are able to purchase prints from ONLY those galerries click here for prices

Prints Gifts and items list

My price list of things you can order threw me click here for prices

Wedding packages

I have a total of 8 different packages you can choose from. I will ONLY provide the full day service when i do weddings. Anyone of the packages you choose will provide the full day, there is no limit on the hours i will be there. click here for prices