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Wedding packages

I have a total of 8 different packages you can choose from. I will ONLY provide the full day service when i do weddings. Anyone of the packages you choose will provide the full day, there is no limit on the hours i will be there.
To explain what the KREDIT means is that on the bottom of this page i have a price list of all the items you can order from me. So if you choose a package with 5000kr worth of credit then you will have that amount to use on what you would like to order with no additional charge to what you have spent already. If you go over the limit then you just pay the extra balance.


Before your big day it is highly recommended that you take the opportunity to do a pre-wedding portrait shoot together maybe even a couple months before. This will be helpful for you maybe to have pictures of yourself when you send away your invitations, or maybe at the wedding you may want a poster a table tents or even pictures of your self on the champagne bottles and most of all on flyers or on the itinerary list at the wedding. Some of the packages this session will be included or maybe at a discounted rate but if you would like to add this to your package then I normally charge 3000kr for the session but i will offer for those who are getting married at a low rate of 1500kr

You will recieve 4 A4 photos paper images, a cd with all the images at 150dpi and 5 of the best pictures at regular format sizes for you to reproduce however you want. If you want the entire cd at regular files size its 1000kr extra


CHRYSTAL- 12,000kr with credit of 3,500kr you will also recieve 4 a4 prints and 25 pictures at original file size on your dvd and engagements for only 500kr

PLATINUM - 16,000kr with credit of 5,000kr 7 a4 prints and 45 images at original file size, engagement shoot is included but with no prints

DIAMOND - 18,000kr with credit of 6,000kr 10 a4 prints and 60 images at original file size, engagement shoot is included

ETERNITY - 22,000kr and credit of 8,000kr 15 a4 prints and 100 images at original file size, engagements shoot included

I do have basic packages starting at 4,000 kr but that is for the Oslo are only and it only covers my coverage. There is no credit in this package you will have to order all products additionally, you will only recieve a cd with all images at a very low resolution only so you can identify the picture. But if you would like to have credit here are 3 other choices

BRONZE - 6,000kr with credit of 1,500kr
SILVER - 8,000kr and with credit of 2,000
GOLD - 10,000 and with credit of 2,500

Here are the list of things you can order threw me

Artikkel_______ kr___10eller fler___kr/pr
10x15________ 70______________50
13x18________ 120_____________90
A4___________ 350_____________300
Poster________ 1000____________ -
Takkekort _____ 10______________ 7
Bamse________ 300_____________ -
Puslespill______ 330_____________ -
Kaffe kopp_____ 250_____________ -
T-skjorte______ 350_____________ -
Caps_________ 350_____________ -
Fotokalender___ 350_____________300


Sider ______________________ kr
0-40 ______________________ 1500
41-80 _____________________ 1800
121-160 ___________________ 2400
201-240___________________ 3100
241-280___________________ 3300
281-320 ___________________ 3600
321-360 ___________________ 3900
361-400 ___________________ 4100
401-440 ___________________ 4300

minstekjøp kr.300,-